Amaro Alpino has a unique aroma, structured and complex but round and balanced at the same time. Product stands out for its deep colour, resulting from the union of dark brown tones and brighter brighter and amber reflections.

Taste is soft and eveloping, combining marked sweetness with purely bitter notes.
Its light nature makes it perfect to be appreciated by both male and female audiences. Served smooth or with ice it is an excellent digestive, suitable for all palates thanks to its balanced alcohol content of 18.5% .

Its structure makes it perfect to be mixed with other products. Amaro Alpino is the perfect Aperitivo, both in the ‘classic version’ with Seltz and orange and mixed, in “Spritz Alpino”, “American Mountain” or “Negroni On the Top” Amaro Alpino is perfect after dinner, mixed in iconic cocktails like “Alpin Tonic” or our creations like “From Alps to Sea” To give it a refined touch, it can also be offered in a cup in the “Alpen Sour” version.


  • Amaro Alpino original taste. No distractions!
  • Mountains fresh taste, with ice and Amaro Alpino
  • Taste it
  • Taste it like in the old days: add seltzer to Amaro Alpino and garnish with a slice of lemon or orange and enjoy this delight. You can also add some ice!
  • In 1930s they mixed Amaro Alpino and white wine. You can try it! You can try and taste it!
  • You can add Amaro Alpino to the Punch, to unleash its Mountain Spirit!


• 4 cl di Amaro Alpino
• 2 cl of elderberry syrup
• 12 cl of Prosecco
• Soda Splash
• Garnish with mint and a lemon or orange zest

• 3 cl of Amaro Alpino
• 2 cl of bergamot liqueur
• Indian Tonic
• garnish with Juniper berries and bergamot zest
Serve in balloon cup

• 3 cl of Red Bitter
• 3 cl of Amaro Alpino
• Soda Splash
• Orange slice and rosemary
Serve in low tumbler

• 6 cl of Amaro Alpino
• 2 cl of sugar
• 3 cl of lemon juice
• garnish with lemon zeist
Serve in “Martini” cup

• 3 cl of Amaro Alpino
• 3 cl of Gin
• 3 cl of Red Bitter
• garnish with orange zeist
Serve in low tumbler

• 5 cl of Amaro Alpino
• Indian Tonic
• garnish with orange zeist and Juniper berries
Serve in balloon cup

AMARO ALPINO is a brand of